Public Dissemination

Chronology of Public Dissemination from MES Thesis Research:

Jan. 9, 2018: The second article from the thesis project, on the careers and sociological parameters associated with the musicians' environmental engagement, was accepted at Popular Music and Society:
Publicover, J., Wright, T., Baur, S., & Duinker, P. (2018). Engaging with Environmental Issues as a Musician: Career Perspectives from the Musicians of the Playlist for the Planet. Popular Music and Society, 1-21.

Sept. 27, 2017: Presented both thesis research streams at VOICES, an online conference on science / STEM education through music.

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Aug. 1, 2017: The first journal article from the thesis project, on the parameters of the music itself, was accepted at Environmental Education Research:
Publicover, J., Wright, T., Baur, S., & Duinker, P. (2017). Music as a tool for environmental education and advocacy: Artistic perspectives from musicians of the Playlist for the Planet. Environmental Education Research, 1-12.

May 20, 2017: Presented both research streams with musical excerpts in a 45 min. workshop at See Change / EECOM, the annual conference of the Canadian Network of Environmental Education, which took place in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Dec. 9, 2016: Environmental Educator and musician Remy Rodden discussed my thesis in relation to his own musical initiatives in interview on Sing about Science and Math, a resource website for educational music: Podcast #2: Environmental Educator Remy Rodden

July 23, 2016: Radio interview on Richard Zurawski's show The Science Files talking about the connections between music and science and also about the results of my masters' thesis research on music and environmental education/advocacy. The podcast, searchable by date and title "Science and Music", is available here:

June 1, 2016: Presented both research streams at the annual conference of the Canadian Geographers' Association, Halifax.