Early Music Ensembles
current Repertoire and schedule

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Tutti Repertoire currently:

Dowland Come Again; O’Carolan’s Draught

 Sub-Group Repertoire:

Find your group numbers, then follow them through the schedule below

Group 1, Bach Quia Respexit: Lindsay, Daniel, Chuck, Cappy (cello)

Group 2, Schickhardt Concerto for 4 recorders: soloists Teri, Daniel, Anja, Mary; plus continuo: Chuck, Steve/Cappy

Group 3, Mixed consort: Alfhild (flute), Miriam, Steve (viol), Chris

Group 4, Händel Clori: Eve, Andre, Indi; plus continuo: Alfhild, Chris

Group 5, Vivaldi trio sonata: Andre, Indi; plus continuo Eve (harpsichord) and someone on bass line

Group 6, ad hoc advanced recorder material: Teri, Daniel, Anja, Mary

Other Possibilities:

- Other vocal number(s) for Cappy and/or Mary and/or Lindsay?

schedule of Rehearsals, Lessons, and Performances

All rehearsals, lessons, and concert take place in the church at St. George’s unless otherwise indicated below.

Sat. Oct. 12, 5:00pm: Group 2.

TBD later in Oct./Nov.: lessons with Hilary Brown for Steve, Cappy and Chris; also, guest instruction for voice, recorder, violin

Sat. Oct. 19, 5:30pm: Group 1

Sun. Oct. 20, 7:00pm: Group 2 (and, in effect, 6), recorders only (no continuo)

Tues. Oct. 22, 7:00pm: Figured bass lesson for Chuck, Eve, and Alfhild with Garth MacPhee

Fri. Oct. 25, 7:00pm: Group 4

Sun. Oct. 27, 7:00pm: Group 3

Sun. Oct. 27, 8:00pm: Joint Baroque flute lesson for Alfhild and Miriam with Jennifer

Sun. Nov. 3, 7:00pm: Tutti - Dowland and O’Carolan; and afterwards volunteers can stay to run through Nov. 10 Baroque dance event pieces.

Tues. Nov. 5, 7:30pm: Group 4

Fri. Nov. 8, 6:00pm: To be confirmed - Steve rehearse with Jennifer. In church hall.

Fri. Nov. 8, 7:00pm: To be confirmed - Chris rehearse with Jennifer. In church hall.

(Sun. Nov. 10, 1:00pm - 4:00pm: Baroque Dance workshop with instructor Anne-Marie Gardette at Beth Israel Synagogue. Volunteers from our Halifax Institute of Traditional and Early Music can play for the dancers. Not obligatory, but fun.)

Tues. Nov. 12, 7:00pm: Group 3

Fri. Nov. 15, 5:15pm: To be confirmed - Group 1. In church hall.

Fri. Nov. 15, 7:00pm: Tutti - Dowland and O’Carolan

Sun. Nov. 17, 7:00pm: Group 4.

Sun. Nov. 17, 7:30pm: To be confirmed - Group 6 rehearses independently in the church hall.

Sun. Nov. 17, 8:00pm: Group 5

Tues. Nov. 19, 7:00pm: Group 3

Fri. Nov. 22, 5:00pm: Group 2 - In church hall.

Fri. Nov. 22, 6:15pm: Group 6 - In church hall.

Sat. Nov. 23, 6:00pm: Group 3

Sat. Nov. 23, 7:30pm: Group 1

Fri. Nov. 29 from 5:00pm onwards: To be confirmed - Concert warm-ups in church hall.

Fri. Nov. 29, 7:30pm Concert at St. George’s (tune up at 7:00pm) – In conjunction with the Trad Ensemble, a few flute students, and possibly a harp solo or two from Ellen Gibling’s harp students. The Early Music Ensemble repertoire for this concert will be Dowland’s Come Again and O’Carolan’s Draught; there is room in the program if any of the sub-groups have something ready by then.


Looking ahead to Tues. Dec. 17, 7:00pm-9:00pm: Harpsichordist Marie Bouchard, guest instructor, in town from Ottawa playing with SNS

Looking ahead to Sat. Jan. 25, evening: Early Music Society of Nova Scotia’s Mid-Winter Tune-Up at Bethany United Church. As many groups that are ready can play. (There may be a time limit per group.)

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